About Dr. Cook

Paul R. Cook, MD, MHA, CPE, SCLA has over 30 years in healthcare as a provider and administrator in a range of practice and organizational venues. From 1985 through 1991 Dr. Cook was a provider within the Welborn Clinic, a multispecialty group practice. In addition to patient care, Dr. Cook was principal investigator for numerous clinical and research trials. In 1991 Dr. Cook affiliated with the University of Missouri Health System and School of Medicine and over the next twelve years held numerous positions within the faculty practice including Medical Director of Managed Care Contracting and Chief Physician Executive of Clinical Faculty. From 2003 through 2007 he served as the Executive Dean for Clinical Affairs, Indiana University of Medicine. In 2008 he became President of the Rocky Mountain Health Network and through his leadership engineered a $2.2M financial improvement and led a collaborative clinical integration process leading to submission of shared savings accountable care application. In 2013 he became the Director of the newly established Center for Interdisciplinary Education in the College of Allied Health Professions at Montana State University Billings, Montana, and will be responsible for developing the Center, creating a faculty consulting practice, developing an on-campus component to the Master’s in Health Administration degree program. He will also teach in the MHA program.

Dr. Cook is a founding officer of the Billings Wellbeing Institute, modeled after the Gallup program, and which aims to be Billings’ major resource for well-being through education, communication, research sharing and self-assessment programs. He is also a member of the advisory board for Global Health Equity Foundation and Global Healthcare Advisory.

Dr. Cook earned his Bachelor of Science in 1976 and his Doctorate in Medicine in 1980 from the University of Oklahoma. He then completed a two-year post doctoral training in general surgery at the University of Oklahoma Teaching Hospitals and a four-year post doctoral training program at the University of Missouri in otolaryngology.  In 1996 he received a Masters of Healthcare Administration from the University of Missouri. Dr. Cook has numerous publications and multiple professional and community affiliations.